Review For SpookyEye Contact Lenses

Hey everyone,

I know I haven’t posted in such a long time and I always end up doing that but that is only because I’m so busy with all this revision, exams and housework because my dad’s gone on holiday and I’m the one who’s taking care of everything, if you’re the eldest person in the house I’m sure you know how that feels. 

SpookyEyes sent me a sample of Aqua Blue Daisy Contacts and let me tell you they look absolutely adorable! I love them so much, they make my eyes look so big and beautiful. 

These contacts are soft and breathable, I know some contacts always hurt when you put them on and some actually pinch your eyes, I’ve tried on so many contacts and these ones are the most comfortable ones! they are so easy to use and clean. 

I tried them on for the whole day and I couldn’t even tell I had them on and I actually forgot that I had them on, I was about to go to sleep with them on until my boyfriend told me that I still had them on. 

Spooky eyes have a different range of contacts they have from normal contacts to really crazy contacts!

I will definitely order more from here! I suggest you do too and its worth the money! 

Here is a picture of how they turned out! 



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